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Karen De Amat’s professional career began on the cusp of the Social Media emergence. As a working professional in marketing, she built a social media presence and developed her personal brand on social media. Karen’s solo-preneur to entrepreneur journey as the CEO of Social Behavior started in 2014 with a grassroots-like approach of serving a handful of customers in a home-based office. Satisfied customers and high demand yielded the opportunity for growth in a developing marketing category. The name, Social Behavior, is a fusion of Social Media and Consumer Behavior.

In the last five years, the agency has grown immensely and continues to exceed customers expectations with a turn-key social media solution. Karen’s career as a marketing professional arrives from her experience with Luxury, Hospitality, and Wine & Spirits. Beyond that Karen has over 7 years of corporate Oil & Gas Industry experience. She also received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Houston-Downtown. In her minimal spare time, Karen donates to and supports various local charities and is involved with local community initiatives to help the Houston community continuously prosper.