Maliha Mian has had quite a journey that has led her to become one of the Top Emerging Leaders in Houston. Native Houstonian with roots from Pakistan, she is founder and CEO at Got Boobs and Mian Law Firm.  As a proud mother of two amazing daughters, Zoelle and Zariya, and a Pomeranian named Max, she loves to travel and learn about cultures and architecture, enjoys reading, writing, cooking and gardening. Recently, she was awarded Houston Business Journal’s 2018 Top 40 Under 40. Previously, she has earned a prestigious legal internship with the United Nations’ International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and earned first place in a Houston Bankruptcy Association writing competition.  


Maliha Shares Her Voice

Maliha owns and manages a law firm that focuses on immigration, business, and government contract matters. During her battle with an aggressive breast cancer, she started a social networking company called Got Boobs? to help connect, empower and inspire all those affected by breast cancer.


“When you fight breast cancer you face fear, anxiety, depression, shame, body image issues, etc. and you feel alone. The struggle is real. The pain is real. Life is either too short or too long, either way you look at it there is a lot that needs to be done. I want to impact change and make a difference. If I can help a community of people through mentorship or by imparting some knowledge that I gained by other mentors or life’s experiences, then I feel like I am making a positive contribution. The South Asian Chamber of Commerce is one organization that allows me to make that contribution and give back to people in my shared community.”


Mentor & Inspiration for Others

Maliha sees SACC as a platform for the opportunity to share her story, her voice, mentor, help others achieve success, and especially help build confidence in women.


“I would like to build South Asian women to be strong individuals, professionals, and/or entrepreneurs. I’d like to prepare them for the issues that they may be confronted with throughout life, in a professional setting and/or with entrepreneurship and provide them with possible solutions. But most importantly, I want to build confidence in women that have been told repeatedly to ‘forget about their dreams’ or that they ‘won’t amount to anything’ or that yes ‘it’s a good idea but you won’t be able to do it’.”


Words of Wisdom

  • Believe in yourself.
  • You can do anything.
  • Give and make a change.
  • Do more than the ordinary.
  • Be your own hero.
  • Don’t chase money.


Got Boobs?

The Got Boobs? platform consists of 5 categories: Just Curious, Waiting on Results, Fighters (from Stage 0 through Stage 4), Survivors, and Family Member/Caretakers. Each of these 5 categories have their own unique emotional issues. Got Boobs? connects a user to others similarly situated to provide a safe community that fosters empathy, and connects the user to a customized wellness library with articles populated in the user’s library that relate to the user’s journey. In other words, a stage 2 triple negative fighter will never see articles dealing with stage 4 issues or articles dealing with Tamoxifen since those do not apply to either stage 2 fighters or triple negative fighters.  Imagine a Facebook and WebMD merged together but that deals with breast cancer and connects on more microlevel than just breast cancer.  Additionally, Got Boobs? provides a toolkit for users to track their appointments, medicines, weight, menstrual cycle, and symptoms throughout their journey. All in all, Got Boobs? is a comprehensive resource for anyone affected by breast cancer and will be available both as a website and as an app on iPhone and Droid.