SACC Launches new website with member directory

As a part of its ongoing commitment to empower members through the Chamber by creating a bridge between the capital and talent in the South Asian community and the wider Houston business and philanthropic community. The SACC is excited to announce the introduction of its brand-new website, which has a directory of all of its members.

In a manner that is both interactive and educational, the SACC Member Directory is now available to serve as a one-of-a-kind and extremely valuable resource for its users, who are members of the SACC and who are members of the Houston business and philanthropic communities. The member directory is a resource that is both simple to use and accurate, allowing members of the SACC community to connect with one another and learn more about one another.



The doors of SACC are open to anyone working in a wide variety of fields, and the organization functions as a networking hub for its members, providing them with opportunities to publicize their companies and gain insight into developments in their field.

The SACC plays host to a variety of events, including development seminars, workshops, and events. Members have the opportunity to gain new skills and remain on the cutting edge of current business trends by attending these events, which provide these opportunities.

The South Asian American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) works to raise awareness of the Chamber, bridge cultural divides within the South Asian-American community, and open doors by connecting its members with influential Houston business and political leaders.

SACC acts as a connection between economic vitality and prosperity by reflecting the collective voice of its members and ensuring that their issues are addressed in local government. This helps SACC fulfill its role as an organization that promotes economic vitality and success.

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